About Us


Blessed Mother College (BMC) is a private non-sectarian educational institution incorporated as a non-stock corporation governed by Board of Trustees and headed by the Chairman of the Board.

The Board of Trustees is the highest policy-making body of the institution.



The philosophy of education of the Blessed Mother College is anchored on the belief that education is a very valuable tool for a better quality of life. Education is a continuous process and involves a clear understanding of the realities in life. A pupil/student should be active and committed to learn in order to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and values. The partnership of the school and the home is very vital in the acquisition of quality education.



We dream of graduates who will love the country and his/her Alma Mater whose knowledge and skills and values enable them to be successful citizens of the country.



The Blessed Mother College in keeping with her philosophy of life and education has committed to serve the community and the society as a whole. Its Mission is to offer Quality Education to her pupils/students.

The Blessed Mother College as a private non-sectarian institution is committed to develop the technical knowledge and skills of the students. As a whole it aims to develop a well-rounded individual who can help build a strong nation and becomes good future leaders in the country.

As an institution of higher learning, it pursues truth and excellence in teaching such that the students will be equipped with competencies, skills, and values such as maka-Diyos, makatao, makakalikasan at makabansa needed in the field of work.



Given the opportunities of a wholesome and quality learning, a BMC graduates should be able to:

  1. Show a level of competency in English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino and other subject areas for self-actualization and from it flows a sense of commitment to serve her home, community, and the country in general.
  2. Express intelligently, logically, an creatively in both written and oral communication towards Truth, Reality and Beauty.
  3. Manifest a love of country and preserves own Filipino culture.
  4. Exhibit spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical level of maturity that will help him/her in dealing harmoniously with others.