August 26, 2016, Friday afternoon, the Blessed Mother College; students and faculty members celebrated the “Buwan ng Wika” with the theme of “Wika ng Karunungan”. During the celebration, contests were open as part of the activities for the students. These include Poster-Making Contest, Slogan-Making Contest, Dula-dulaan and many other activities. Students showed their talents and skills, creativity and enjoyed participating while learning in the said contests. The event was not only to show the significance of our Filipino language but also to boost confidence and sportsmanship among students.

14089155_10207673129608670_4701014071210038707_nSlogan and Poster Making Contest

14100263_10207673106648096_7730387899931818099_nBSBA Department Dance Presentation

14080006_10207673123848526_1180855792711965824_nEducation Department Dance Presentation

14117747_10207673080847451_7358616881678175605_nHRM Department Presentation